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About the database of names of the
Jews of Thessaloniki who were deported to the nazi camps

The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki (JCT) publishes a list of more than 37,500 names of Jews from Thessaloniki who were deported to the nazi camps. The list was handed to the JCT by Mr. Heinz Kounio during a ceremony on May 27th 2009.

The collection of the names and the editing of the list is a lifetime mission for Mr. Kounio, who is himself a Holocaust survivor. The mission for the collection and recording of all the evidence started around the middle of the 50s. This catalogue, a valuable document, is a unique proof of the devastation of this Community and an answer to those who deny the Holocaust. Mr. Kounio continues the research in order to have more names of Salonican Jews, victims of the Nazis, who were not documented until today.

The president of JCT, David Saltiel
honours Heinz Kounio for his contribution
Heinz Kounio hands the list of the Shoah victims


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[Images source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv]




Heinz Kounio

Data Processing:
Sam. Abastado

Data Entry:
Tilda Abastado
Sam. Abastado
Ida Kounio (JCT)

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