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How to search the Library Catalogue

There are two ways to search: SIMPLE SEARCH or ADVANCED SEARCH.

  • SIMPLE SEARCH: type a keyword relevant to the book or the pamphlet you are looking for; Click on SEARCH. A list of titles containing this word will appear.
  • ADVANCED SEARCH: the search results will be more specific when we type more information in more than one fields.
    Limit your search: Click on the relevant field and select the type, the category or/and the sub-category of the book you search for in the appearing lists.
    If you are looking for a specific book then type a few significant elements in the relevant search boxes, such as an author's surname, a translators name, the publisher, the title, the publication date etc, and then click SEARCH

    When the list with the found books or pamphlets appears, you may collect specific information for each book by clicking on the books title.



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