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The catalogue contains some elements for the items belonging to the Museums collections. To look for items you may use the simple SEARCH or the ADVANCED SEARCH button.
  • To use Simple Search, type a word for the item you are looking for and then click SEARCH; a list of items relating to this word appears 
  • Select one or more fields and click ADVANCED SEARCH to limit the search results
    If you are looking for a specific item then select its category or subcategory in the appearing list by clicking the arrow of the relevant field. You may also type any other significant element for the item you are searching for, like its descriptions, its dimensions, its Museums ID, its origin, its storing place etc. in the relevant search boxes and then click SEARCH.
Resume your search by clicking the RESUME SEARCH button.
When a list of items appears, find specific information for each item by clicking on the items title.



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