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Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki Research Center

The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, through the Jewish Museum Research Center, offers a research environment for the study of the rich and creative Sephardic heritage as it evolved in the city after the 15th century.
The Museum hosts a library of important texts that were printed in Thessaloniki from the 16th to the 20th century, covering almost every aspect of Jewish life, religious and secular. The library acts also as a repository for books on the history, customs and language of the Sephardi Jews. In the Museums audio-visual centre, visitors are be able to watch and research tapes and films documenting Jewish history -especially on the Holocaust.
The Research Center also offers access to digital data bases, catalogues, articles and archival material, which are enhanced continuously.

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki encourages visitors and internet users to contact the Museum with comments and suggestions about the content of the digital data bases and the enhancement of the archives.



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